Jump Alberta is pleased to present not one, but TWO educational seminars during the Jump With Hope for Kids with Cancer Horse Show. Thank you to Amberlea Meadows for being such great hosts!

In case our readers can’t tell, there is an theme to this series: overall health and wellness, for both partners in our sport. #twohearts

While these events are intended for Jump Alberta members, we encourage all who would like to attend to do so. To learn more about Jump Alberta and our mandate, please view our about section.

Our first event will be held on Friday, July 28th at 4:00pm on the Grand Prix Grass field, before the fundraising BBQ begins in the sponsors tent.

Did you know what Olympic show jumpers like Eric Lamaze, Keean White, and Ian Millar all have in common? Besides a string of amazing horses and slew of grand prix championships under their belt, they ALL cross train in the gym. They lift weights, and they stretch, and they treat themselves like the athletes they actually are.

Ever get tired of hearing riding is “not a sport”? Us too. We know that show jumping requires immense balance, core strength, timing, and hand eye coordination.

So, hearing all of this, we have partnered with SVPT Fitness. They are a local sport specialized gym in Edmonton with a deep history of cross training athletes who compete internationally in sports like Rugby, Football, Pro Boxing, MMA, and more. We worked with them to determine a unique approach to riding bio mechanics & cross training to create a 40-60 minute presentation. We will have one of their highly qualified personal trainers -Michelle Atkins, also a competitive equestrian –  bring this content to us. She will walk us through common rider injury prevention techniques, and some fitness movements to help us all become better riders and partners to our horses. You will not want to miss this presentation!

When: 4:00PM July 28th

Where: Grand Prix Field

Light refreshments will be served.

Our Second event switches focus from rider health to the horses themselves. In partnership with Delaney Vet Services, we are bringing an educational seminar on equine injury prevention & fitness. See that theme?? #twohearts #healthyhearts.

Delaney Vet Services is a well known, highly successful equine vet clinic that has operated in our region for several years, and has grown in size and scope due to demand.

We all want to know how to keep our equine partners fit, healthy and happy. Technology, best practices, and overall equine management is improving year over year. Dr. Avery Gagnon will present on the latest best practices to provide a valuable sharing of knowledge with our community.

This presentation will happen in the indoor arena at 10:30 pm on Saturday the 29th.

When: 10:30 am July 29th

Where: Indoor Arena

Light refreshments will be served.


See you at Amberlea!

Photo by Linda Finstad