With the 2017 show season well underway, Jump Alberta kicked off spring with trainer socials in both Calgary and Edmonton on April 21st and 22nd, respectively. A fabulous evening of networking and conversation, the socials provided the JA board the opportunity to share with our trainers Jump Alberta’s program updates, protocol changes, and member services and opportunities for 2017.

Hosted by Jump Alberta Secretary, Shannon Haney, board members shared updates on a host of 2017 happenings in both the north and the south, including:

  • Bursary, Subsidy and Education grants
  • Jump Alberta Young Horse Rules & Regulations
  • Prix de Nations Qualifications & Applications
  • 2017 Jump Alberta Casino & Volunteers
  • NEW Equine Canada Head Trauma Protocol
  • NEW Equine Canada Warm-Up Ring Protocol
  • 2017 Jump Alberta Symposium to be held at Amberlea Meadows with Joan Curtain & Linda Allen
  • Updates to the Jump Alberta website and intro of new JA Social Media Team

A huge success, the trainer socials brought together over 60 of Alberta’s equestrian professionals for an evening of fun, dialogue and education. It provided trainers the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the board and to better understand the opportunities and services Jump Alberta provides to its membership. Our hope is that events such as these will allow trainers to remain up-to-date on rules, regulations and protocol, as well as be able to better share with their clients and networks the opportunities available to them.

Did you attend one of our trainer socials? Do you have questions, concerns or feedback? Please do not hesitate to contact us at jumpalberta@gmail.com